​​"An ingenious bird feeder for window mounting from the inside. Great for apartment dwellers and second story windows."

Allan B.​ - Audubon Center Director of Programs

"It is the best window feeder I have seen. I personally love mine."

Melissa B. - Manager, Wild Bird Store - Wayzata, MN.

"Thanks for designing this. I haven't been able to have bird feeders before because of bears, so for years I had stopped feeding birds at all. Yours is on an upstairs window out of reach of the bears. It's such a pleasure to have birds at the window now."

Jane D. ​- Lovell, Maine

"I am so happy with my new feeder! I have it in a second floor window where I spend most of my day. We had a snow storm yesterday and I was able to refill it without getting my feet (or anything else) covered in snow. I'm 100% happy with this purchase! Thank you!"

Patricia K. ​- Chester, Connecticut

"My 95 year old mother spends a lot of her day in bed. Until we saw your feeder, we were struggling with how to get one in her view that we could easily refill. Yours made it so easy to put a feeder that is easily maintained right at her window. Thanks for providing her with hours of enjoyment while she is bedbound."

Kathy E. ​- Cincinnati

​​"I love it, and I know other people will love it too."

​Kelly R. ​- Nature and birding blogger

"I have the perfect window for a window feeder but couldn't reach it from outside. It was no problem mounting the Watchers Choice ™ feeder"

Fred H. ​- Cincinnati

"This is the biggest innovation in feeders
​I have seen in several years"

Tim C. ​- Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Owner - Cincinnati, OH.