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Over the last couple of years, I have been consulting with the owners of all of the Greater Cincinnati area Wild Birds Unlimited franchise stores as well as a few other independent wild bird supply stores. After a number of prototypes and revisions, I have settled on a design that one franchise owner called "The biggest innovation I have seen in feeders in several years." It is also now Patent Pending.

​It appears to be a simple design, but it has taken quite a while to get it to the point it is today. I am proud of the work I have put into it, and I hope it gives others a chance to enjoy seeing the birds at a window they previously couldn't. I know I enjoy it, and I hope others will too.

Hi, my name is Don Hudepohl. I am a self employed residential contractor who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am constantly tinkering and making things of all sorts. Usually it's just for fun, but occasionally it is to provide a solution for whatever problem I have at the time.

I don't enjoy sitting at my desk doing paperwork, so several years ago I started feeding birds outside my window for something to watch while I was stuck indoors. After a while, I decided I wanted a window feeder to get the birds to come closer. My problem was my window is about 8 feet off the ground and I had to use a stool to reach it. I didn't want to have to do that all the time, especially in the rain or snow. I couldn't find a solution anywhere, so I started thinking...

Do you have a window at home where you would love to have a window feeder but couldn't, because you can't reach it from outside? I did, and I came to find out a lot of others had the same problem. I searched and could not find a window feeder that you could hang and fill from inside your home, and still be able to close and lock your window. So I made one. I showed it to several friends who then wanted one, and that's how this all began.

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