• As with all window feeders, your screen must be removed or moved to enjoy feeder.

  • CLEANING: Use only warm water and a soft cloth. Mild dish detergent may be used if needed. Do not use any abrasives or chemicals (such as glass cleaner) as they may scratch or cloud the surface.

  • HELP THE BIRDS FIND YOUR FEEDER: If you don't currently have a feeder nearby, we recommend to place a plate of feed, or simply spread some seed on the ground near the window so the birds can find it. They will subsequently find your new feeder. This may take some time.

  • SQUIRRELS: The use of Safflower seed only is recommended to deter squirrels, as well as blackbirds and grackles. They do not like it. Many feeder birds do like it including jays, cardinals, chickadees, house finches, doves, red bellied woodpeckers, titmice, and nuthatches. 

mounting instructions: video


Simply lift lid to fill


Align the notches in rubber tips with the seams of mounting rods. Install with seam side pointing down to prevent moisture build-up.


Mount feeder onto support rods starting with the bottom notches first, then the top.


Adjust mounting rods to approximately 1" larger than opening for correct tension. Position edge of screen track into notch in rubber tips.


Use included template to position rods to the correct spacing. Check rod tension to verify they are secure.

On only one side of double window.

Mounted between brick.

Mounted on screen track.

For houses with siding.

Different mounting options

Note: Will work with most single and double hung windows and many sliding windows

Mounted on a sliding window

Mounted between brick